Course Image and Banner

A course image and/or banner can make your course visually unique and easier to find in the  course list. 

Viewing the Course Image

Course images are shown when viewing your course list in grid view. The image appears at the top of each course tile, about the course ID and name. 

Newly-created courses will be randomly assigned a default course image by the Blackboard system. 

Course list displayed in grid view with course images visible

Editing the Course Image

Details to note when selecting an image:

  • The minimum recommended size for the banner image is: 1200 x 240 pixels.
  • Note that images with text don't scale well.
  • An abstract image or one with a focus at the center would work better for a banner, due to cropping variability.
  • While visual components of courses are helpful for aesthetic and identification purposes, it is important to adhere to accessibility best practices and standards.  If the image is primary content, be sure to include an image description for screen readers.  Otherwise, mark the image as decorative. 

To access the course image settings from the course list, hover your cursor over the image on your course then click on the three dot menu to show the dropdown list. Select "Edit course image"  to open the display settings.

Grid view of current courses with three dot menu on course clicked to show dropdown menu with edit course image as an option with purple box around it

Alternatively, to access the the course image settings from within the course, find "Course Image" in the Details & Actions menu on the left side of the course content area, then select "Edit display settings." 

Details and actions menu with edit display settings  under course image in purple box

The display settings panel will open on the right side of your screen.

To upload a new image, click on the picture icon:in the top right.

Display settings tab with purple box around picture icon on the right side of the panel

Once the "Insert Image" pop up opens, add the new image file by dragging and dropping it into the box, or click "Upload file" to search for files by name.

Insert image panel with box where files can be dragged and dropped or files can be uploaded

After the file is successfully uploaded, an image preview will appear. Click the "Next" button at the bottom. 

Insert image panel with preview of the image and next button in bottom right corner of the panel

After "next" is clicked, there will be options to zoom in and out with the purple slider, reposition the image with arrows or by dragging. When finished, click "Save" at the bottom of the panel. 

Insert image panel with image preview with slider to zoom in and out of the image with save button at the bottom right corner

Once saved, the display settings panel will appear again. By default the image is marked as decorative, and use as course banner is "on". Uncheck the checkbox to mark the image as not decorative and add alternative text (if no alternative text is added then it will be automatically marked as decorative once the panel is closed). Press Save. 

Adding/Removing Course Banner

By default the course banner is toggled "on", if a course banner is not desirable then toggle to "off" and then press save at the bottom of the panel.

Course banner must be course image

There is no way to have a course banner without adding a course image and using that image for the banner. There are no other ways to have a course banner.

Blackboard Help

Further information from Blackboard can be found here:

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