Create a Course Link in an Ultra Course

Course Links can be used to create multiple access points to course content without excessive scrolling and/or hunting within folders or modules. For example, you may wish to create a course link(s) to important exam review materials to make it easier for students to prepare without having to hunt through different weekly content folders to find the materials they need. The course link feature allows instructors to:

  • Insert a link of a course item at a desired location within their course content page
  • Move the link to an item on the course content page without moving the original item
  • Rename the course link item that will appear on the course content page

In the content area, find the desired location where you would like to add the course link item and click on the purple plus sign to expand the options menu.  Select Create.

Select the Link option from the slide out panel.

Click on the Create Course Link Tab.

Find the item you wish to make a link to by typing in a keyword search OR checking a category box and select Search.

A list of items will open.  Select the item you want to create a course link for and type in a Display Name and Description.

Select Save.

The create course link panel will close and you will see the new course link item in your content area.  The icon will have a hyperlink symbol to alert you that this is a course link.

To edit or delete the course link item, click on the three dot menu and select the appropriate option.