Create Content in an Ultra Course

Add Content

Create Folder or Learning Module to add content to

You can create a folder or learning module.  Once created, you can expand the folder or learning module and then add content.  Visit our Course Structures Answers page for guidance on how you can use modules and folders to organize your course content.  Additionally, you can visit the Course Structure Gallery Answers page to see examples of courses offered at Syracuse University that demonstrate approaches other instructors are using to organize their Blackboard Ultra courses.

Select the plus sign wherever you want to add content. You can also create a folder or learning module and add content to them.  Create new content by selecting an option from the slide out menu.

Create a learning module to allow students to navigate from one content item to the next without distractions or extra clicks. A learning module can help keep students focused on the lesson or concept. Instructors now have the option to customize the module. Choose to upload an image of your own, or select from Stock images from Unsplash. Additionally, you can auto generate images using the AI Design assistant.


You can create three levels of folders to organize your content. You cannot add modules to folders.


Create a scrolling document with text, audio, video and/or images. Combining a variety of materials to view together in one document allows you to present your content on one page for your students. Take advantage of Blackboard’s built in accessibility checker, powered by Ally, to ensure that your content is accessible for diverse learners.


Create a web link or create course links within your course.  

When you create an assignment, a gradebook item is automatically created. Instructors can create assignments for groups of students where only members of the group may access the discussion.

Create tests. Instructors can also create tests for groups of students.

Provide a link to an online discussion that is related to content for students to share thoughtful conversations. You can also assign groups to a discussion where only those group members can access the discussion.

Use journals to communicate privately with students. Instructors can grade student contributions.

SCORM Package

Add web-based content packages from academic publishers or instructional designers.  SCORM packages open in a new window and can count for a grade.

Teaching Tools with LTI connection

Instructors and course builders can enter a web link to ready-made material from textbook publishers to enhance their curriculum and provide students with supplementary materials that aid in learning.

Description Box Character Limit

When entering a description for folders, assignments and/or tests, be aware that there is a maximum of 750 characters limit.


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