Ultra Course - Create Discussions

Discussions allow students to make public posts and read and reply to each others' contributions. Discussions can be included alongside other items in the Course Content area, or organized separately in the Discussions area. 

NEW! Use Folders to Organize Conversations

Discussions in the Ultra Course View don't use forums and threads.  Instead, instructors can use folders to organize conversations in whatever way they like.

NEW! Discussion Analytics

Discussion analytics allows you to view the entire discussion along with all responses and replies. Discussion analytics include average word count and responses, as well as top responses and participants.

NOTE: When you convert/copy your course from the Original Course View to the Ultra Course View, some discussions are flattened and some settings are removed.

Learn more about the conversion process.

Create a discussion on the Course Content Page

You can create a discussion directly on the Course Content page so students can view it in context with other materials by clicking on the plus sign, select create and select Discussion.  Discussion forums have been removed from ultra courses, but instructors can use folders to organize conversations in whatever way they like.

Create a discussion in the Discussion area using the navigation bar

Select the Discussions link in the top navigation menu to open the course discussions page. From here, you can select the New Discussion button in the upper-right corner to create your new discussion. Alternatively, you can add a folder to organize conversations in whatever way you like by selecting the Add Folder button.  Discussion forums have been removed from ultra courses so using folders might be an option for you.

Name the discussion

If you don't add a name, the default title will become "New Discussion" plus the date the discussion was created.

Add instructions and items to discussion

Use the text editor to include items such as instructions, expectations, videos and readings. Learn more about the text editor  here.

Make discussion available to students

Students can't see a discussion until you choose to show it (default).  You can create all of your content ahead of time and select what you want students to see based on your schedule.  You also have the option of setting release conditions based on date, time and performance on other items in the course gradebook.

Select discussion settings

Select the Discussion Settings icon (gear) to open a panel with options for the discussion.

Select Display on the course content page (default) to include the discussion on the course content page with other content items.  If unselected, students MUST access the discussion through the discussion tab on the top navigation bar.

Select to hide discussion activity from students until they respond to the discussion.  This will help encourage original ideas as the student must respond to a discussion before they can read other responses and replies.  When you want to use Post first with groups, be sure to select Post first before you assign the groups.

Selecting this option means that student cannot edit or delete published posts.

You have the option to make the discussion count for a grade.  When you choose to grade a discussion, more options appear such as the due date and maximum points.  The maximum points apply to one or more posts made by a student.  When you enable grading for a discussion, a column is automatically created in the gradebook.

Select align with goals to search for available goals.  After you make the discussion visible, students can view the goals.

Assign students to a discussion group. You have the ability to grade from the discussion or the gradebook.

Reorder discussions

To rearrange a discussion, go to the discussions page using the top navigation menu.  Here, hover your mouse over the stacked dots of the discussion.  Left click your mouse and drag the discussion.  The discussion will highlight purple so that you can easily see where you'll be placing it in the list.  To drop the discussion, release the left mouse button.

Edit or delete a discussion

To edit or delete a discussion, open the Discussion page using the top navigation menu. You should see a list of discussions you have created.  To delete or edit, click on the discussion's menu (3 dots) and select from the menu.  This will delete the entire discussion along with all responses and replies.

Edit or delete one specific response or reply

Go to the discussion and find the reponse you want to edit/delete.  Click on the response's menu (3 dots) and select from the menu.  This will only delete the response you have selected.

View discussion analytics

To view student activity in a discussion, go to the discussion and open the discussion's menu (3 dots). Select Student Activity to view discussion participants and activity.

What will you see when students post to the discussion?

Students can open discussions from the Discussion tab on the top navigation menu.  If there are new entries, you will see a purple indicator next to the discussion title.

When you open the discussion, new responses and replies appear with "New" to show any activity that's happened since your last visit.  Click on the Reply link to add a reply or Click on the Show replies to view all replies.

You can reply to individual posts by clicking on the reply link.  To delete or edit a post, select the 3 dot menu and select edit or delete.  This will only alter the selected reply you have chosen.

Create a discussion video


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