Google Assignments in Blackboard Ultra

Google assignments created with an SU Google account ( can be embedded into Blackboard courses and linked to the Blackboard gradebook. 

Course Copies with Google Assignments

Google Assignments do not support Course Copies in Blackboard. If you attempt to copy a Google Assignment into a new course it will arrive with the text "Invalid Link" in the title. Invalid links can be safely deleted in the destination course and replaced as new using the steps outlined below.

To add a Google assignment to your course, click on the "purple plus sign" in your course content area and select "Content Market" from the dropdown list. This assignments act as a standard content item and can be moved or created inside of folders or learning modules.

Screenshot of content page on blackboard ultra course with purple plus sign clicked and box around content market

Select the "Google Assignment" tile from the content market. 

Screenshot of content market with google assignments shown

The link to Google Assignments will open and ask you to link your Google account

  • Sign in using your Syracuse University Google account (netID)

  • If this is your first time using Assignments in this course, you must link your LMS account to your Google Account. For instructions, follow the instructions given on the pop up and for more instructions go to link your account to assignments.

Once you have signed in to your Syracuse University google account, follow all instructions on the pop ups to create the assignment. 

Setting up the Google Assignment

To set up a google assignment in Blackboard Ultra, follow all instructions on the pop ups that appear. 

Enter a title and description for your assignment.

Add a point value and due date, then enter the details.

Once the max grade and title is entered when the google assignment set up, it cannot be changed in blackboard or in the google assignment settings.  These can be edited in the google assignment settings, but this will not update them in the actual assignment and in blackboard. If it is necessary to change the max grade or title, the assignment must be deleted and then a new assignment must be made.

The due date has to be manually entered into blackboard once the assignment is created, the due date does not get entered into blackboard when the google assignment is created and will only show when the assignment is opened if it does not also get entered into blackboard. 

(Optional) To turn on originality reports, in the assignment, next to Originality reports, click the switch On Toggle switchand thenContinue

There is a limit of 5 originality reports for each course. 

(Optional) To add a rubric for this assignment, next to Rubric, click +Rubric and follow the directions at Create or reuse a rubric for an assignment.

(Optional) To make individual copies of a file for each student to work on, click Attach then choose the file and click Add.

Click Create when you are done adjusting your settings.

Once the Assignment is created, you can click on the title and monitor and give feedback to students. 

  • If you select the Pencil Icon, you edit the assignment title and description.

  • You can also change the due date along with if you you want to enable the plagiarism.

View Google Assignments

Google assignments can be viewed in blackboard or by logging into google drive. 

In a new tab, open and log into your Google Drive. 

In your Google Drive, you will now find an Assignments folder that will have separate folders for each of your classes that you deploy Google Assignments in. As new Assignments are added, there will be a new folder created to store the assignments submitted by students. 

Screenshot of Google Drive showing the folder for the assignment

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