Gradebook in the Ultra Course View

The gradebook can be used to manage and record student grades throughout the semester.  Grade columns are automatically added when you create an assignment, exam, journal or discussion.  You can manually add columns for items, class activities or projects done offline, or to grade things like class participation.

Note: While the Gradebook can be used to record grades and calculate final grades, Blackboard is not linked to MySlice where instructors must post official grade of record. Instructors can download the Blackboard gradebook and upload it to MySlice .

The registrar publishes information for instructors about grading.

Access the Gradebook

In the Ultra Course View, you access the Gradebook from the top navigation menu.

Select a View - List or Grid

You can display your gradebook in list view or grid view. You can switch between views anytime to display your gradebook in the manner most appropriate to your current task. The list view is the default, but each course will retain your last used view.

List view can display gradable items sorted by name, due date, post status, or gradings status, which provides a count of ungraded submissions. 

Grid view shows displays a row for each student and columns for each gradable item. An item's total points and grading status are displayed at the top. A label, " New Submission," is displayed in cells where students have submitted work.  Manage a submission or assign a grade by clicking anywhere in a cell.  After assigning a value, click anywhere outside the grade area to save it.

Students can only view grades after they've been posted. They can be posted individually from a grid view cell, or for an item from the grid view column header or the list view item menu button.

List View

Grid View

Filter options

In list view, click the column headers to sort by Item, Due Date, Grading Status and Post.

Grid view can be searched and filtered by student, column, or category. For a quick search, enter characters in the search box at the top. Clicking a result will filter the view to a selection. Clear the search by clicking the "X" at the end of the search bar and restore the full grid view.

The Filter button allows you to search and limit by multiple criteria simultaneously and allows you to display groups. Click "Filter" to open a panel to select criteria and apply them. Clear filters by clicking where they appear above the grid view.

If you'll be using a particular filter frequently, you can bookmark the filter in your browser and access it later.

Manage Gradable Items

Each gradable item has a menu to control it. In list view, click the menu button at the end of an item's row. In grid view click the column header to expose the menu. Clicking "Edit" opens an item's settings panel. Clicking "Delete" will remove the time from the course and the gradebook. Depending on its type, an item may have addition options. For Assessments the menu includes Question Analysis and Download Results.   Clicking "Mark attendance" for an attendance row will open the attendance tool.

Add Manual Item or Grade Calculation

Hover your mouse between two items until you see the purple plus sign.  Click on the purple plus to add a manual column or add a grade calculation.

  • Add Item: Add a row for coursework, such as a participation grade.  Your title is limited to 255 characters.  Choose the grade unit, such as points or letter, make it available to students and assign it a category.
  • Add Calculation: Add a row for a calculation, such as an average assignments grade.

Download Gradebook

You can download the gradebook to make a backup of it or edit the data offline by clicking the Download button located at the top-right of the page in both list and grid view. The gradebook can be downloaded in full or in components. Refer to Blackboard documentation for more details.

Upload Gradebook

You can upload grades or grade columns into the gradebook with the Upload button located at the top-right of the page in both list and grid view. Refer to Blackboard documentation for more details.

We recommend downloading a copy of the gradebook and editing the file from Blackboard to help ensure the data is formatted correctly. Adding new columns to the file will create new items in the gradebook. Avoid editing existing Blackboard-created column names to prevent conflicts when uploading data.

Search by Submission Receipt

Students receive a submission receipt when they submit an assignment. You can use this value to locate their assignment if it's not appearing in the grade center. Click the icon to "Search by submission receipt number."

A valid receipt number will return information about the submission such as who submitted it, when it was submitted and to which assignment/assessment. If you're not able to locate the submission by the number on the receipt, it was not submitted successfully to your course.

Gradebook Settings

The Gradebook Settings panel allows you to:
  • Change the default grading schema
  • View gradebook categories
  • Create and manage rubrics
  • Prevent the assignment of automatic zeroes when an assignment due date passes
  • Set grades to post automatically

Rearrange Gradebook Items

Rearrange gradebook items by hovering your mouse to the left of the three dot menu of the item you want to move.  When you see the the two paired arrows, you can left click to drag and drop the item. You can also use your keyboard to tab to the control to select and move the item with your arrow keys.

Note: You can only rearrange items in list view but changes will also be visible in the grid view.

View Gradable Submissions

The list view's gradable list page is the best way to see gradable submissions. Click on the item's row to open the submissions panel.

The submissions panel provides a summary of the grading status including who has submitted and what items you've previously graded. From here you can search for a particular student's submission or you can filter by Student Status or Grading Status.

Clicking a student in the submission panel will open the submission. If you have submissions yet to grade, you can use the arrows at the top of the page to navigate between them.

You can add or edit exceptions and exemptions from the submission panel by clicking the menu button at the end of a student's row.

Note: The submissions panel is only available in the Gradebook in list view, but you can also access submissions by browsing to the item's location in the content area of the course. 

View All Students

The Students area of the list view allows you to see each student's overall grade and the last time the student accessed the course. The menu button in each student's row allows you to set student accommodations or message the student.

View by Individual Student

See a list of all submissions and their status for a single student by clicking their name in either list view or grid view. From the student page you can view their activity in the course, send them a message, or create accommodations.

Clicking an item from this view will open panel to enter a grade and feedback.