Create  a Journal in Ultra Course View

Journals allow students to submit multiple written responses or files in a single location, such as for a weekly activity log. Journals are private between student and instructor, and can be graded or ungraded. 

Create  a Journal

On the Course Content page, select the plus sign wherever you want to add a journal and select Create .  If you want the Journal inside of a folder/module, you will need to create  a folder/module and then expand it and select the plus sign to add a journal.

Participation and Engagement > Journal

Type a meaningful title to help students find the right journal in the content list.  If you don't add a title, "New Journal" and the date appear as the title.  Add a journal prompt using the text editor and select Save.

Click on the gear to open the Journal settings.

Select the options you would like for your Journal.  To select a due date, click on the calendar icon and select the date.  If you want to add a grading rubric, click on the grading rubric link will give you the option of creating a rubric from scratch or select from one that you have already created.  Make sure to save your settings by clicking the Save button in the lower right hand corner of the settings panel.

When you are ready, select Visible to Students from the drop down menu.

Video on how to create a journal

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