Kaltura Video in Blackboard

Kaltura is the supported video and media repository for Syracuse University faculty, staff, and students.  Kaltura videos can be embedded into Blackboard courses either as standalone content or within Blackboard documents, discussions, assignments, etc. To access Kaltura and mange your media collection, login to video.syr.edu with your SU NetID. For information about uploading, editing, and publishing media, see Kaltura at Syracuse University. For information about sharing Kaltura videos through Blackboard, see below. 

Add Kaltura Content to Blackboard Course

To add a Kaltura video to your course, click on the purple plus sign icon (plus)  in the course content area and select "content market" from the dropdown list. 

content area page with purple plus sign clicked to show dropdown menu

Select "Kaltura Media for Ultra Courses" from the alphabetical content market list. 

Kaltura Media tile in the content market list

The Kaltura media integration will open to your "My Media" gallery. Find the video you would like to embed or upload a new video using the "add new" button in the upper right of the page. 

For more information about uploading videos to Kaltura, please visit Kaltura at Syracuse University

The search bar in the upper left can be used to search for the video that you are looking for. You can click the grey "Filters" button to filter your videos. You can filter by media type, publish status, scheduling, ownership, captions, and duration. Videos can also be sorted using the "sort by" dropdown menu. You can sort by creation date, update date, alphabetically, plays, comments, and scheduling. 

Select a video to add to your Blackboard course by clicking the "Embed" button to the right of the video. You change the video display settings using the gear iconsettings gear icon. Learn more about the embed settings below. Once the video is embedded, it will be visible in the course content area or within the document or Blackboard item it is embedded in. The video link will behave as a standard content item and can be moved around within your course if desired. 

The embed settings allow you to include or exclude a transcript with the dropdown menu from "choose player". Note: if the transcript is enabled, the student is able to download the transcript. The "max embed size" lets you choose the size of the embed and determines how big the video will be where it is embedded. The thumbnail embed and autoplay can be turned on and turned off. 

If you want to include a transcript, thumbnail embed cannot be enabled because it prevents the transcript from being shown. 

If you would like students to only view a section of the video when they first play it, you can enter a start and end time below the video. This will not prevent the student from watching the entire video, but will focus them on the section that you would like them to view. 

 Screenshot of embed settings for Kaltura Video with options for choose player, max embed size, thumbnail embed, and auto play

Additional Resources:

Kaltura has help pages
for their integration and ability to embed Kaltura videos in Blackboard. Blackboard also has help pages for the integration within 
Blackboard with Kaltura

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