Ultra Course - Messages

Messages can be used communicate with individuals, groups, or all users enrolled in a course via email. Copies of course messages and email replies are also stored in the Blackboard course. 

In ultra course messages there is no subject line and there are no folders to organize course messages

Video - Messages in Ultra Course View

Send Message using the Messages link in the Top Navigation Bar

In your course, click the Messages link from the top navigation menu.  Select the New Message button to compose and send a message.

Screenshot of a pink arrow pointing to the Messages tab in the course navigation. The page is opened to the Messages page and another purple arrow is pointing to a button to create a New Message, located on the right hand side of the screen.

You can type a name or from the drop down menu, select All Course Members, select individual names or select a group.  Check the Send and email copy to recipients if you want the recipients to get an email notification of the message.  Allow replies to this message is checked by default.  If you do not want recipients to reply to the message, uncheck this box.  Type in your message and when ready to send, click the Send button located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

A New Message template has been open. A purple box highlights the search bar to type recipients names. A purple arrow points to an option to send an email copy to recipients. Another purple arrow points to the text field to compose the message.

Send a Message to a student from the Gradebook

From the student list, you can send a message to anyone enrolled in your course.  Select the Gradebook link from the top navigation menu and select Students.  A list of students will appear.  You have two options for sending messages from this view.

  1. Select the three dot menu at the right end of a student row.  Select the Message Student option.  The Message panel will open.
  2. Click on a student's name and the student's grade page will open.  From here you can select Send Message and the message panel will open.

Messages you send from the student list view in the gradecenter will appear on the Messages page.

A screenshot shows the Student view of the Gradebook. A purple arrow points to the three dot options menu in a student row that opens an option to message the student. Another purple arrow points to the student name, Joe3. A screenshot of Joe3's grading profile appears on top of the primary screenshot. This secondary screenshot shows an option to compose a New Message to Joe3, located in the upper right hand corner.

Unread Messages Indicator

The Messages tab includes an unread message indicator with the number of new messages.  Messages are displayed with the newest messages at the top.  Unread messages are clearly labeled.

Screenshot of an Ultra course. The Messages tab has a notification showing the number 1 in a red circle, indicating a new unread message.