Ultra Course -  Navigation

The menu bars on the top and left-hand side in Blackboard Ultra course view are how users navigate between the main areas of the course. Unlike in original course view, these menus are not editable, and will have the same items and appearance in all Blackboard Ultra courses. 

Top Navigation Bar

In the ultra course, you will open frequently used tools using the top navigation bar. This top navigation bar is "sticky" which means you can access it from anywhere on the page without having to scroll back to the top. Select a tab to check the course calendar , respond to class discussions , access your course gradebook, create groups, and send a message or course announcement.

Using the student preview is beneficial when creating your course as you can see how the course looks and behaves from the student's perspective.

Details & Actions

Manage your course with the following options. Note that, menu items cannot be renamed and/or new menu items added.

View your class enrollments and add accommodations for students.

Progress Tracking
Enable this functionality to give your students an easy way to keep track of what they have done inside the course. Enabling this tool also gives the instructor access to the student Progress tab which helps track individual student progress within the course.

Course Image
Add a visual element to your course. The course image always displays as the course card thumbnail on the courses page. Additionally, you can toggle the course image to display the image within your course.

Course Availability
Open: Make the course available for students to access and participate.

Private: Make a course unavailable while you add or experiment with content, and then open it to students when you're ready. Students see private courses in their course lists, but they can't access them.

Class Collaborate
Use a Class Collaborate session for meetings and/or virtual office hours. The icon appears in purple to show you and other course members when people are active in the Collaborate room.

NEW! If you do not wish to use the class collaborate web conferencing tool, you can now hide the link in the Course Settings area.  Instructors and students will no longer see this link in the details and actions menu.

Use blackboard's integrated attendance tool to manage enrolled student's attendance.

Books & Tools
Access commonly used course tools such as Kaltura, Playposit, eBooks and Zoom.

Question Banks
Create and manage banks of questions that you can reuse in multiple assessments

Conversion Exceptions
Use the conversion exceptions tool to view how course items have changed during the conversion process.

  • Low Priority exceptions include course appearance changes, formatting changes, or slight feature limitations.
  • Medium Priority exceptions include feature behavior changes and formatting and submission removal.
  • High Priority exceptions include unsupported features and grade data removal.

Add Course Schedule:  Add times that your course or organization meets.

Course Content

In the Ultra course, the Course Content is the default landing page.  This cannot be changed.  Select the purple plus sign wherever you want to add content.  Items you add to the content area can be organized using modules or folders.


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