PlayPosit is a platform that allows instructors to create interactive response questions within digital videos. Students can explore, learn, and apply the video material at their own pace.

  • Effortless creation - The PlayPosit editing platform allows instructors to enrich video content with a variety of powerful interactions such as graded questions including multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks.

  • Engage students - Interactive features mimic the traditional classroom experience and learners receive feedback to increase long-term retention, tripling learning efficacy over standard video.

  • Accountable tracking - Receive immediate, accessible data (both performance and behavior-based) to effectively evaluate understanding of concepts, automatically assign grades, and address deficiencies.

Syracuse University has an enterprise license for PlayPosit. This platform has a variety of tools for increasing student engagement and assessing their understanding of the video. The interactions are embedded within the video include but are not limited to graded questions to check student engagement and understanding, links to websites that open within the video for students to explore,  and information can be added for additional instructions for students within the video.  Multiple videos can be stitched together to create a lecture for students and segments can be chosen to create concise videos. 

You can watch a video overview on youtube.

PlayPosit Interactive Video in Blackboard

 "Bulbs" are interactive videos that are created within Playposit by creating interactions within the video that can be deployed in a course. These interactions include question, annotation, and template interactions. Question interactions can be used to access learning, annotation interactions can be used for  providing additional information to the student, and template interactions can improve bulb formatting and creation. The interactions can be graded or ungraded and those grades can be imported into the blackboard grade book. The bulbs are self-paced so that students can complete them at their preferred speed including revisiting previous information. Blackboard has a PlayPosit integration which allows for the bulbs to be easily integrated into your course. 

Build PlayPosit Bulbs

Bulbs are created in Playposit before they are deployed. Videos can be linked from Kaltura, Youtube, or Vimeo.

  • To create a bulb go to PlayPosit then to the "My Bulbs" are from the left side menu then click "add new bulb".
  • Add a video from Kaltura, Youtube, or Vimeo. Multiple videos can be added to a bulb.
  • Once a video is linked, interactions can be added to the video at any time point .  Any of the interaction choices can be used.

Types of Interactions

Question Interactions 

These interactions are automatically graded by default. Question interactions can be used to check student comprehension and engage the students during in the video.  These grades can be imported into blackboard and will appear in the gradebook. See below "Create link in Blackboard and Assign it to students" for information on how to import the grades into blackboard

Question types:

  • Multiple choice
  • Check all
  • Free response
  • Fill in the blank
  • Poll
  • Discussion

Menu of question types in PlayPosit bulb creator

Pause can be used to give students time to think about the information that they just viewed. PDF file and web embeds can be used to give students additional information. An example of a web embed is to the right, this interaction allows the view to explore a website without exiting the bulb. These are not graded by default. 

Annotation Interactions:

  • Pause
  • Web embed
  • PDF file

 Screenshot of web embed of National Geographic website

PlayPosit has information to

learn about the types of interactions.

Additionally there are "template" interactions that can be used to create interactions that improve the experience of the bulb and create more complex interactions such as question banks or functions table. These are ungraded by default. 

Template interactions:

  • Table of contents
  • My interactions
  • Vocabulary matching
  • Place in order
  • Auto jump
  • Functions table
  • Question bank

Screenshot of playposit bulb with table of contents

If you want more information about template interactions,

learn more about template interactions.

PlayPosit in Blackboard Ultra

To access PlayPosit, instructors can create a link through their course content space on Blackboard Ultra using the content market.  On the content tab, click the purple plus sign then click "Content Market".

Choose the "Playposit tile" from the content market.

playposit tile in content market menu

Once created you can follow the link to access your PlayPosit account. Instructors may create this link in any Blackboard course and the area need not be available to students. This checklist can also help you start building and deploying PlayPosit Bulbs. 

Assign Bulbs to Students

To create a link in blackboard, access the PlayPosit Tile as shown above and then click the plus sign in the bottom right of the tile. This will create a link within your course to Playposit then you need to link to the bulb that was already created by clicking on the Playposit item to access Playposit. 

To create a gradebook entry for the bulb, click the three dot menu on the item then click "create gradebook entry for this item".  Press save at the bottom once time,  due date, and other information have been entered. 

playposit tile in content market with arrow pointing to small plus sign in bottom right corner

Monitor Student Activity

Once a bulb is deployed, the interactions can be monitored by accessing the bulb. To access the bulb click on "PlayPosit" and then on the next screen click "Monitor". This will bring you to the PlayPosit site and from there you can  grade interactions from the bulb, access bulb analytics, and navigate to your classes or other bulbs. 


These resources are to assist with using PlayPosit. They are a combination of web links and video links.

PlayPosit video on how to build a bulb

How to assign a link to learners in Blackboard Ultra video created by PlayPosit

Learn how to monitor student activity and bulbs from this video made by PlayPosit

Playposit Partner Resources page has a lot of helpful information for instructors such as office hours, First Friday Features, and more.

Playposit Academy is a self-learning course for learning how to use PlayPosit. It is built with PlayPosit "bulbs" to give you a strong sense of what it's like from the learner's perspective.

Playposit blog has user stories, case studies, and product updates.

This training video was created during an event hosted at Syracuse University in March 2020.

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