Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking is a tool that allows students and instructors to track a student's progress with respect to the student's interaction with content in a course.This can be a useful tool for students who often struggle to balance academics, extracurricular activities and work commitments.  Students can mark items such as documents, uploaded files and links as complete once they have opened them.  For assessments, tests, journals or discussions, the item will automatically be marked as complete when the student has submitted. When all items in a Folder or Module have been completed, the folder or module is automatically marked as complete.  Utilizing the progress tracking feature may help students successfully manage their time and workload within a course.

The progress tracking feature permits instructors to view whether a student has opened a file.  This can provide instructors with valuable information on how students advance with the course materials.  This data can be used to identify which items are overlooked, when items are being viewed (with date and time stamp) and identify at risk students who are not engaging with the course content.

Note that this functionality is only available when progress tracking is turned on in the Details & Actions menu of your Ultra course.

Enable Progress Tracking

Instructors must enable progress tracking in their Ultra Course.  To enable Progress Tracking go to the Details & Actions menu.  Find progress tracking and select Turn on

The progress tracking panel will open from the right.  Select Save.

Progress Tracking - Students

Students will see their progression of content within the course.  Each item in the content area will display a circle indicator to the left of the item showing their progress.

  • Empty when a student had not yet accessed the item
  • Partially filled when a student has opened the item
  • Green check mark when the student has completed the item

Note that students can manually mark documents, uploaded files or links complete once they have opened them and decide that they are satisfied with the item.  Items that require a student submission, such as assessments, tests, journals, or discussions are automatically marked as complete when the student has submitted to that assignment.  When all items in a folder or module have been completed, the folder or module is automatically marked as complete.

If you utilize learning modules to structure your course, students will see a progress indicator at the top level of the learning module.  The progress indicator shows the student how much content they have completed, started or have yet to start.  Students can click on "Start" and be taken directly to the first item in the module, or "Continue" where they will be taken to the next incomplete item.  Students do not have to expand the learning module to access the next item to complete.  A green completed indicator will appear once all the items in a learning module have been completed.

Note: A folder or module cannot be manually marked as complete if there are items contained within that have not been marked as complete.

Progress Tracking - Instructors

Instructors who have enabled Progress Tracking in their Ultra course will be able to view students progression of content within the course.  You can view the student progress via the Gradebook > Students > Select a "Student Name" > Student Progress.  The following video shows how to view the Student Progress in an Ultra course.

The information that can be obtained using this feature are:

  • A content item has been marked complete showing the date and time that it was completed
  • A content item has been started showing the date and time that it was started
  • A content item has not been opened


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