Student Calendar

Course Calendar

Blackboard automatically creates a calendar for each course, and can combine all of your course calendars together into a single view on the institution homepage. 

On the top navigation menu of your course, select the calendar tab in the upper left. 

You can display your calendar in schedule view or  due dates view. Switch views by toggling the selector icon in the upper left of the calendar. Schedule view is the default. 

Schedule View

Schedule view shows all events on the course calendar, including course meeting times, other course events, and assignment due dates. Selecting "Day" in the upper right will display scheduled events one day at a time. Days of the current week can be seen at the top of the screen - click on a date to see the full course schedule for that date. Selecting "Month" in the upper right will show an overview of the course schedule for the entire current month. 

Schedule view of Blackboard Ultra calendar showing events for a single selected date

Due Dates View

Due dates view shows only graded items with due dates such as assignments, tests, discussions, etc, in a chronological list. It will not display events with no 'due date,' such as regular course meetings. Clicking on an item in the list will open that item, just like opening it from the course content area. Items that are hidden from students in the course content area will also be hidden on the course calendar. 

Due date view of Blackboard Ultra calendar

Institution Calendar

 The Calendar tab in the left-hand menu seen from the Blackboard home page will open the institution calendar, which combines calendar events from all Blackboard courses and organizations you are enrolled in as well as university-wide events. All calendar items from the same course will have the same color box surrounding the item. The options for the calendar are the same as when the course calendar is viewed as shown above. 

Calendar with multiple assignments shown

Add Item to the Calendar

To add a new item to the course calendar, click on the (plus) icon in the upper right to add a new item to calendar. 

Select "Add Event" to create an event, these can be any events you want to add including personal events. These events will only be on your calendar. 

Clicking the plus sign icon in the upper right of the calendar page will add an event and will open the new event settings panel.

Enter the name for the new event at the top - this is how the event will be displayed on the calendar.

Under "Details and Information", add start and end dates/times. Optionally, you can mark the event as "all day" for the selected date(s). 

Selecting "Repeat Event" will open the recurring event settings options. 

Optionally, you can enter a location and a description for the event. 

When finished, click "Save" at the bottom of the panel. 

Repeat event settings:

Events can be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. Frequency of repeats can be changed and the event can stop occurring after a chosen number of occurrences. 

Repeating event settings showing a meeting occurring every week on Thursdays

New event settings panel from the Ultra Course calendar

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