Ultra Course Text Editor

The text editor appears anywhere you can add text, such as documents, assignments, tests, discussion boards and journals. 

Use the text editor to add and format text, embed images, attach files, insert equations, add web links and/or create tables.

Ultra Course View Text Editor

Note: Limited options

  • Text Style: Select from a predefined list of four pre-formatted text styles.
  • Font: Arial, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Noto, Open Sans, Times New Roman and Verdana.
  • Font size defaults to a specific chosen font type selected or you can highlight the text and select one of the font size options.
  • Font color options are limited to black (default), grey, purple, blue, green and red.

The text options selector will open a second line menu with the options for superscript, subscript, strike-through and code snippets

Add or edit a URL link to a website, page, or file.  Students will click on the blue Link text to launch the web link.

This new image button in the content editor can be found in the following places:

  • Ultra Documents
  • Journal prompts
  • Discussions
  • Course Messages

When selected, the following options are:

  • Upload an image through selection or drag and drop
  • Select a royalty-free, high-quality image from Unsplash

After selecting the image, you can reposition the focus and zoom of the image.  New as of November 2023, you can now alter the aspect ratio of the image.

Insert image from device or stock images from Unsplash

Ultra Text editor insert image from device or stock images from unsplash change image aspect ratio options

Ultra text editor insert content image from web

Insert/Edit Images from the Web only.  Copy and paste the URL into the appropriate box. You cannot embed an image from your local computer using this option.  To embed the image from your local computer, use the attachment icon (paper clip) or the image icon to add a file from a local file or from Unsplash.

Ultra text editor insert content from content collection

Content Collection View List tab and View Thumbnails tab

Insert items from your content collection.  You can view the content collection in the list or thumbnail view.  The thumbnail view is shown in this example. Find the item you would like to add and select it and submit.

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