Zoom in Blackboard

 Zoom is a video conferencing platform licensed by Syracuse University that instructors can use in their courses. As of Summer 2024, Zoom is the preferred academic video conferencing tool at Syracuse University. 

Virtual meetings can be conducted using Zoom and links to Zoom meetings can be integrated into your Blackboard Ultra Course. Zoom can be accessed outside of your course at zoom.syr.edu by logging in with your SU NetID. This page provides instructions for creating Zoom meetings for users in a Blackboard course. For information about using Zoom for other purposes, please visit Zoom at Syracuse University

 To add a Zoom link to your course, click on the purple plus sign icon (plus)  in the course content area and select "content market" from the dropdown list. 

content area page with purple plus sign clicked to show dropdown menu

Find  "Zoom Meeting" from the content market and then click the plus sign icon (plus)  in the bottom right of the tile to add a Zoom meeting into your course.

Zoom Meeting tile in the content market list with add item (plus) icon shown in lower right

 To create a new course meeting, select the blue button "Schedule a New Meeting" in the upper right. Please visit Zoom at Syracuse University for more information on meeting settings. 

To link to an existing Zoom meeting,  click the three dot icon in the upper right and select "Import meeting," then enter the meeting ID number.

The meetings will be visible on the upcoming meetings list after being imported/created. 

Zoom meeting panel as shown within the Blackboard frame

Zoom meetings can be recorded by clicking "record" in the bottom of your meeting panel. "Record to computer" will record the meeting locally to your computer. "Record to cloud" will record the meeting to your Zoom cloud and also automatically uploads the recording to Kaltura. There are two ways to add the recording to your course. It is not possible for the recording to be added automatically — instructors must add each recording.

Recorded Zoom meetings are automatically uploaded to Kaltura. These sessions can be found at video.syr.edu. You can embed the recording directly in your course in the content area. To add a recorded meeting in your content area of your course,  you need to add a Kaltura video link to your Blackboard Course. Follow the instructions for sharing Kaltura video links to embed a Kaltura video to your course. 

Zoom recordings are stored in your zoom cloud. These recordings can be accessed from the zoom link within your course. By default the recordings are not published to students. To publish the recording for students to see, click on the toggle switch below publish. 


Once you have published the meeting, students will be able to see the recording by clicking on the cloud recording tab. 

HIPPA Zoom accounts are not compatible with the Blackboard integration. To use a HIPPA Zoom account with Blackboard, an instructor should create a meeting using the normal Zoom methods either in the Zoom App or in the Zoom Web Portal and copy the link created by Zoom for the meeting. That meeting link can be added to a Blackboard Course either as a Web Link or within a text area by clicking the link icon in the toolbar. 

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