Updating Your Courses to Ultra

During the Spring 2024 semester, all instructors have the choice to opt in to the new Ultra course view. New Blackboard course shells will still be created in Original course view by default, but can be replaced with a UCV shell upon request. Please review the following items to help determine whether it is the right time to switch one or more of your classes to UCV.

  1. Make sure you have requested an Ultra Sandbox and access to the UCV orientation course. These are your most useful tools for learning how to navigate the new course view and building/testing course content before deploying it in your live classes. 
  2. You do not have to move all of your classes to Ultra at once. We recommend that instructors just starting out with UCV choose just one class to update for their first semester, and continue teach their other classes in Original course view if that is more familiar. 
  3. New Ultra course shells are created empty; any course content you have already worked on in an original course view shell will not be preserved and must be rebuilt if the course is converted to Ultra. Make sure you request your UCV course shell BEFORE adding course content to your Spring 24 courses, and save backup copies of any files you have already worked on to an external location such as OneDrive or Google Drive. 
  4. Student submitted content cannot be converted from original to Ultra course view. Once there are student work submissions in your course, it CANNOT be changed to an Ultra course for the current semester. 
  5. If you start building your course in UCV and decide you are not ready to make the switch yet for the spring semester, it can be converted back to original course view, but items 1-4 still apply. Content you have already built in UCV will have to be backed up elsewhere and rebuilt in original view, and once any student work has been submitted the course CANNOT be converted back. Make sure you make a final commitment to either Ultra or Original course view with enough lead time before the start of the semester to make any necessary final updates. 

If you have reviewed the items above and are ready to make the change to Ultra course view, you can

fill out this request form
to begin the process. 

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