Topic Overview

Web 2.0 tools allow users to create content and interact with each other. Examples include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, and video sharing sites. Many web 2.0 tools can easily be embedded in your Blackboard course. No matter which web 2.0 tool you use, the steps for embedding are similar.


  1. On the web 2.0 tool's site, locate the embed code for your object and copy it.

    embed code for Your Live Stream

  2. In your Blackboard course, go to the content area where you want to place the web 2.0 tool.
  3. Under Build Content, choose Create Item.

    Build an item in a content area button

  4. Give the item a name.
  5. In the text editor, choose the HTML icon.

    HTML view button in Blackboard text editor

  6. Paste the embed code.

    HTML code view window

  7. Click Update and then Submit.
  8. Your web 2.0 tool will appear in your content area.

    embedded tool

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