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Most computers, tablets, and mobile phones are capable of recording and editing excellent video content. This page contains links to some of the easiest free tools you should consider to get started, organized by computing platform.

Students having trouble can find support in the ITS Service Center.

Instructors interested in incorporating video in their teaching—either producing videos themselves or assigning videos to students—are encouraged to contact the staff in Online Learning Services for advice.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Your mobile phone or tablet's built-in camera is fantastic for capturing video footage. If you want to edit your video recordings or combine multiple video recordings, Adobe Clip or the YouTube app are an excellent options for both Android and iOS devices. 

Apple Computers

Apple computer come with two powerful built-in tools for capturing and editing video. Quicktime allows you to record either a connected camera or your desktop, perform basic editing functions, and share your videos. For more advanced editing you can use iMovie.

Windows Computers

Windows 10 users can use the Camera app for recording cameras connected to your computer. The Gamebar is designed to recording PC gaming, but also allows you to record other applications for screen recordings. To make composite videos or edit videos, you can use the Photos app.

Hosting Videos

Using your SU Google Account, both YouTube and Google Drive are good options for hosting your videos, depending on how you need to share them.

Instructors may also use Ensemble, our campus video streaming service for instructional use.

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