Downloading Your Roster from Blackboard

Vendor Changes

In advance of the Fall 2022 semester, TurningPoint updated all of their branding to PointSolutions after a merger with Echo360. 

Syncing a Blackboard Roster from the Website

The following instructions are for syncing your class roster in Blackboard with the PointSolutions (formerly TurningPoint by Turning Technologies) software you use to manage responses. 

The process for managing your roster begins in the PointSolutions website. It's best to access PointSolutions through Blackboard. Instructors can go into any course and then click "Tools" and "PointSolutions Account Registration."

Once you've logged in with your NetID and password, you'll land on a list of "Active Courses."

Screenshot of user interface

To add a new course to this list, click the Blackboard tab. On the next page you'll be presented with a list of all the courses in Blackboard where you are instructor. You can use the search function to limit the list. When you've located the desired course, click the "Add" button at the bottom of its tile. This action adds it to your list of "Active" courses. It also adds the course to the list of courses that appear for you in the PointSolutions 

Once you've added a course to the list of active courses, you can click "Select" for the course you want to manage. From the next page you can click on "Roster" and look at Enrolled and Pending participants. This view can help you get a sense of how many of your students are ready to use PointSolutions in your course.

Syncing a Blackboard Roster from the PointSolutions App

Ensure you are using the current version of the software by clicking the version number at the bottom of the program. This will launch a screen where you can start an update. You can also visit your instructor website and use the download button in the upper-right corner of the screen to get a current version of the software.

Click the "Manage" tab at the top of the software and then click on "Course" and select the "New" option. 

Screenshot of user interface

Choose the option for "Download from LMS Sync Integration" and click "Create Course."

Screenshot of user interface

The system will look up a list of your Blackboard courses. You can search the list to locate your courses. Check the box next to courses you'd like to add to the software and click the "Sync" button.

Screenshot of user interface

When the operation is complete the newly selected courses will appear in your list on the left. You can select a course by clicking its title. It will display the registration status of your students in the main window. The Update button will check the system for any changes to your roster and look for new student information about their registrations.

Screenshot of user interface

Removing a Class from your PointSolutions List

To remove a class, visit the management page on the website by going through Blackboard. Each course tile has a menu button in the upper-left corner. Click the menu button and then click "Delete" to remove the course both from your webpage and from the PointSolutions application.

Screenshot of user interface

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