Instructor PointSolutions Accounts

Vendor Changes

In advance of the Fall 2022 semester, TurningPoint updated all of their branding to PointSolutions after a merger with Echo360. 

All instructors using PointSolutions (formerly TurningPoint by Turning Technologies) must create and account and link it to the Blackboard system. This is done through the process outlined below. 

Creating an Instructor Turning Account

  1. Go to, login and enter any current course.
  2. Click on Tools in your course menu
  3. Browse to Turning Account Registration 

    Screenshot of user interface

  4. Following this link will open your account profile on the TurningTechnologies website. If you are using this for the first time, you will first be asked to enter your Country and accept the user agreement. Your email, name, and role will be automatically entered from Blackboard—you cannot change them. The role should be "Instructor." Click Continue.

    Screenshot of user interface

  5. Once your account has been created, you will enter the instructor portal on the TurningPoint website. Instructions for downloading your roster from Blackboard are available here
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