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About ResponseWare

ResponseWare turns student mobile devices into a virtual clicker. ResponseWare allows students to respond using a Wi-Fi or data connection. Students can respond to interactive questions with any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. ResponseWare allows students to respond via the Internet through any web browser and immediately transfers selections to TurningPoint polling software. Android and Apple apps are available for both phones and tablets. Engage and assess students with familiar devices.

 ResponseWare allows students to respond to multiple styles of questions, such as: multiple-choice, alphanumeric, multiple response and even essay questions. The diversity of response types increases communication options and allows users to easily submit questions electronically during an interactive polling session to the presenter. ResponseWare also displays the question and answer choices on the device while polling.

Participants can download the ResponseWare app for iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, BlackBerry® smartphone or Android™ devices to take advantage of the specific features and functionality available with each device.

Students must create a Turning Account and purchase a license in order to use ResponseWare.

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