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This guide is to provide instructors information about updating their TurningPoint Software for creating polls, running polls, managing rosters, and uploading grades to Blackboard.

Rather than upgrade the device on your own, instructors are welcome to stop by the ITS Help Center in the Center for Science and Technology and swap their old drive for one with updated software.

Who should upgrade?

As of Fall 2017, we began using a new method for users to sign into their TurningPoint Software and the TurningTechnologies Website. Rather than have a separate password, Syracuse users can use their regular campus NetID and Password to access TurningTechnology products using a method called Single Sign-On (SSO). This sign-on method is more convenient and helps keep your accounts safe.

The new sign-on method is not supported by all version of the TurningPoint software. While version of "Turning Point Cloud" with version 7.5 or higher, may work, we recommend updating the more recent version, Turning Point 8.5. In testing, ITS and Online Learning Services have found the more recent versions to be faster, more stable, and to include significant improvements in the ways sessions and rosters are updated.

The disadvantage of upgrading to TurningPoint 8 is that presentations created in 8 are not backward compatible to earlier versions. We have not found any problems with the new presentations, but we recommend that when you import your content to TurningPoint 8, you do so with a copy of your presentation, saving the original in case you need to access it from an earlier version.

If you are unsure about whether or not you should upgrade or how to do so, please email help@syr.edu or calling the help desk at 315-443-2677.

What version do I have now?

On both TurningPoint Cloud and Turning Point 8, the version number of the software is located in the lower right corner of the launch screen. 

Screenshot showing location of version information on login screen.

Updating to the latest version

If you've already on version 8 or higher, these instructions will help you get the most current available version. If you're still using Turning Point Cloud, alternate instructions are below.

Users are able to install Turning Point 8+ software updates as they are released. These updates include both enhancements and fixes that can improve your experience with TurningPoint.

The following update process is the same for Mac and PC users on Turning Point 8.

  1. Browse to your current version of the TurningPoint software, launch it and sign-on.
  2. Double-click the TurningPoint logo in center at the bottom of the application.

    Screenshot of Update Button
  3. A new window will open. Click Check for Updates.
  4. You will be informed if an update is available. If a new version of TurningPoint is available, click on Install Update.
  5. The update will download. When it is ready to install, click Install and Relaunch.

Upgrading from Turning Point Cloud to Turning Point 8 on your USB Drive (Windows)

Use these instructions if you're ready to update Turning Point Cloud to Turning Point 8 by installing it on your TurningPoint USB drive/receiver.

Preparing to install TurningPoint 8

You can keep or delete your current TurningPoint Cloud Installation. If you'd like to delete it, simply browse to the USB drive delete the folder containing it. Alternatively, you can keep the folder as it is or rename it to something like TurningPoint-OLD.

To install the new version:

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://instructor.turningtechnologies.com/#/downloads. It may require you to sign-on if you have not already.
  2. Locate TurningPoint 8 — PC No Install and click the link to download

    Screenshot of TurningTechnologies Website, highlighting download link.
  3. Find the file that you downloaded to your computer which is titled TurningPoint.exe — it should have a blue hexagon logo.
  4. Double-click the application you downloaded. This will launch a dialog that asks you where you'd like to place the application. Click the icon to the right of the address and browse to the top of the drive (not a folder inside it). Then click "Unzip."

    Screenshot of interface for unzipping the TurningPoint Application.
  5. When the installer is complete, browse to the USB drive and go into the "Turning Point App" folder. Double-click the item called "TurningPoint" with a blue hexagon logo next to it to launch TurningPoint 8.
  6. When signing in for the first time you may receive a license error, which you can ignore. 

Upgrading from Turning Point Cloud to TurningPoint 8 on your USB Drive (MacOS)

There is a bug in the current version of the MacOS application available for download that prevents it from launching correctly on the USB Drive. If you need an updated version of the application for MacOS, please visit the ITS Help Center in the Center for Science and Technology to swap any Turning Point Cloud drives for one containing Turning Point 8.