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Degree Works has been upgraded!
The New Mobile Responsive Dashboard version of Degree Works arrived July 25, 2021! This upgrade includes new features for students to view their academic progress. This new Responsive Dashboard version brings a mobile friendly student dashboard with a fresh and clean look. This adaptable format displays appropriately across different devices and is ADA compliant for accessibility.


Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome are recommended browsers for Degree Works.  Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Mac users are asked to use Firefox as the preferred browser for Degree Works to avoid access errors.

Please make sure you are using the most up-to-date browser version as older versions  can cause access issues.

The guide below highlights important areas with a comparison of where they were found in the classic version of the degree audit versus the new responsive version.

Student Header
The student header provides useful information at the top of the degree audit for viewing.
The student header in the classic dashboard is organized in two columns. It displays important information from different fields such as the student's name, Student ID, Academic Level, Advisors, Cum GPA, Catalog year (admit term), Career, Degree, College, Major, Minor, Concentration (if applicable).



In the new responsive dashboard, the order of this information is slightly different and only fields with available information will display.

Degree Requirements

The Degree Requirements section lists requirements needed to complete a degree and can be found right below the Student Header in Classic and the Degree Progress section in responsive dashboard.


In Responsive Dashboard the degree requirements block is formatted like the classic dashboard with a
list of check boxes that state whether requirements have been fulfilled or not. The audit in Responsive
Dashboard is still divided by blocks same as in the classic dashboard but now users will have the ability
to collapse or expand sections for quick navigation to the block they are seeking. The rest of the degree
audit is very similar on both dashboards. Major, Concentration, Minor, Other blocks, if applicable, are all listed in the same order as the classic dashboard.



This new dashboard also comes with an updated Legend of icons that look slightly different from the classic dashboard as well as some being removed. The icons in the classic dashboard are squares while in the responsive dashboard are circles.



  • The colors for each icon are similar in both versions. Requirements completed will show in green, requirements not complete will show in red, and requirements with classes in-progress will show in blue.
  • When hovering over the icons in responsive dashboard, the alt-text for the icon displays
  • The Degree block no longer has an Icon showing to the left of degree; Instead, the wording of the Icon displays within a color-coded box and appears to the right of the Degree.

  • The "blue double tilde" symbol (that met a minimum credit limit or min GPA had not been met) in Classic has been replaced with a new symbol of tan explanation point.
  • TR, : (colon) and ADV_APPR are no longer in legend.

Classic Legend

Responsive Legend

Save PDF of Audit

Same as in the classic dashboard, users can save an audit. However, the Save as PDF button has been removed in responsive.



In Responsive Dashboard, the save audit option is shown with a printer icon located at the top right-side corner of the page.

Advisor Email

In classic, a student could click on the advisor's name in the Student Header and could email the advisor.



In responsive, the student can click on the email icon in top right and their advisors will appear in new window to select to email.

What-If and Look Ahead

Same as in the classic dashboard, the What-if tool allows students to apply their courses to different majors and minors whether the courses have been completed or in-progress.


In classic, the What If, What If History and Look Ahead are on left side of Degree Works. Look Ahead was a separate feature.


In the new dashboard, the Look Ahead audit has been combined with the What-If audit to improve efficiency in the user interface. The What-If tab is to the right of the Academic tab.

Entering coursework in Look Ahead is done the same way in responsive dashboard. The only difference is in classic the planned coursework in the Look Ahead audit appeared in bright blue font with a grade of PLAN. In responsive the grade of PLAN displays but it is not in bold blue font.

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