What-If – Proposing Curriculum:

To perform a What-if for a proposed curriculum change (major, concentration, minor, double majors, double minors, dual program), the following fields are required and are marked with an * (asterisks symbol):

Catalog year, Degree, Major and College. Level will always default to Undergraduate since tool is only available for undergraduates.

Please refer to the course catalog for appropriate selection of school/college, degree type and major associated with degree.
Syracuse University - Acalog ACMS™
All schools/colleges are listed on right side of website and once selected, you can click academic offerings which will bring you to all majors/degrees and minors offered by that school/college.

As with your Academic audit (student view), the What-If will include any courses you have completed as well as those that are in-progress and/ or preregistered.
To not have in-progress/preregistered classes display in the audit, uncheck one or both of the boxes.

NOTE: If you currently have transfer coursework, it will not appear in the requirements in the What-if Audit since transfer credit is evaluated by the school/college associated with the major/minor and is subject to change upon transfer to a new school/college. Transfer coursework will show in the "Not Counted" section at the bottom of the audit.

Catalog Year

Degree Works will automatically select the catalog year you matriculated to the University. You should confirm with your advisor and/or potential college, what catalog you would follow under a new major or minor.


Select the home college of the degree you are seeking


Select the degree you will earn


Select the major you wish to pursue or if planning a minor only (see Minor section), select your current major


Select the concentration for the major you are pursuing.  All Concentrations will be listed in drop down whether they apply to Major or not. Refer to the catalog when choosing a possible Concentration (sub-plan/track) for the What-If audit.


To perform a what-if for a proposed Minor, you must select all required fields in addition to the minor. Even though you may want to review a What If for a Minor only, the system still requires a Major to be selected. Your current Major, Degree and College can be selected in these situations. If you fail to select Major you will receive an error message.

Double Majors 

If doing a what-if for a new curriculum with 2 majors or adding a major to your current curriculum, first consult academic rules as well as speak to an advisor to ensure if your what-if analysis is a valid option.
In What-If, you must enter the following:

  • Enter the required fields for the Primary major
    • Catalog year
    • Degree to be Earned
    • Primary Major
    • Home College

Example Only:

  • Expand the Additional areas of study

  • Click the + (plus) sign and the additional areas will display.

  • Select 2nd major
  • Click Add.

The second major will appear:

Click the Process What-If button to see the audit.

Double Minors

Follow steps for Minor selection

Go to additional area of Study

Click plus sign +

Select 2nd minor and click ADD

Dual Program

A single degree program with dual majors requires completion of all degree requirements in both schools/colleges, as well as requirements for a major in each school/college or one dually approved major.
Refer to academic rules regarding dual majors as well as consulting with an academic advisor.
Academic Rules - Syracuse University - Acalog ACMS™

Dual with same degree type for both majors
The following must be selected in Program/Area of Study Catalog year

  • Degree to be Earned
  • Dual program code
  • Primary Major
  • Home College

In Additional Areas of study, open area and click plus sign

  • Select Second major and click ADD

  • Click Process

Dual with 2 degree types:
If a dual program has BA/BS majors (or majors with different degree types), 2 audits must be run to show requirements in both degree types.

For the first audit you will run, the following must be selected in Areas of Study for the Degree type to be earned:

  • Catalog year
  • Degree to be Earned (e.g., BS/BA majors but BS is earned)
  • Dual program code
  • Primary Major
  • Home College

In Additional Areas of student, open area and click plus sign

  • Select Second major and secondary degree and click ADD
  • Click Process
  • Print/Save audit

For second degree audit (for secondary major with different degree type), select the following:

  • Catalog year
  • Secondary degree
  • Dual Program Code
  • Secondary Major
  • Home College of Dual
  • Click Process

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