You can use the What-If functionality to view your audit for:

  • Proposing change in major,  declaration of a minor or a concentration,  declaring a second major or minor, declaring a dual program, and to see how the proposed changes may affect path toward degree completion.
  • Planning coursework (looking ahead) in your current or proposed curriculum.


  • What-If for proposed curriculum is only available for undergraduate programs. Graduate programs are not included due to the concern of triple counting courses which would be misleading to the student.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students may use the Look Ahead function to plan courses for their current program.
  • Undergraduate students may also use Look Ahead to plan coursework in a proposed curriculum.

The What-If Analysis tool can be found under the What-If tab to the right of the Academic tab.

Steps for running a What-If analysis:

  • Click What-If tab in Worksheet
  • Expand What-If analysis

  • Determine if planning curriculum change, planning coursework or both for selection criteria
  • Include in-progress/preregistered coursework or deselect if do not want to include in what-if
  • Select Criteria
  • Click process to run What-If audit

To run another what-if:

  • Expand What-If analysis again
  • Prior selection criteria still displays
  • Reset fields or change selections
  • Click Process
  • Click Print if you wish to print or save pdf of What-If audit

To return to Worksheet:

Click Academic tab to left of What-If


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