The worksheet is comprised of  links to MySlice/Degree works Answers, the student's academic information, worksheet formats, requirement blocks, historical audits and the legend. Students can also print their audit, email their advisor or view their class history which is similar to an "unofficial transcript."



Class History

Student Information

Student Header Information




The top of Degree Works contains links to return to MySlice or access the Degree Works Answers page for information regarding Degree Works.
Once the link is clicked for MySlice or Help, it will open that page in a new  tab or window in your browser.

Print/Email/Class History

Print, Email and Class History features display in the top right of the screen.

Printing Audit

When printing, a specific printer can be selected or an audit may be saved as a pdf. The audit will be date stamped at top of page.

The print button in the responsive dashboard will now create a pdf to print that resembles the audit in the dashboard and eliminates unnecessary white space in audit.



NOTE: If printing a frozen audit, keep in mind that the frozen information does not appear on the pdf. It is a defect that is being reviewed by the vendor. If you wish to print a frozen audit, print directly from your internet browser instead of using the print button in the Degree Works dashboard.

Emailing Advisor

When the email icon is selected, a student's advisor(s) will be listed.

The email can be selected to email that advisor.

Class History

Class History is found when clicking the ellipsis symbol.

Class History provides a semester breakdown of coursework completed including transfer credit.

Student Information

A student's ID, Preferred Name and Degree Type will display at the top of the worksheet. 

If you have multiple degree types as a graduate student (e.g. CAS and MS); or a dual program or double major with different degree types as an undergraduate student, the Degree field at top will appear as a dropdown.
The drop down can be used to switch between your degree audits.

Student Header Information

The student header information displayed above the audit is a customized view of a student's program of study and demographic information.

  • Career  - Displays your academic career (i.e. Undergrad, Grad, Law)
  • Academic Level - Displays your academic level (i.e. sophomore)
  • College - Displays the college(s) of your chosen major(s)/programs
  • Major - Displays your declared major(s) or graduate programs
  • Minor - Displays a minor if declared
  • Concentration - Displays a declared concentration (a.k.a track/specialization) if a major that requires a concentration
  • Advisors - Displays advisor name or names if multiple. Advisors can emailed by clicking email icon at top right of screen
  • Student ID - Displays SU ID here so will print on audit if saving as pdf or printing
  • Cumulative GPA - displays in Degree progress Section above audit; GPA is overall GPA from MySlice. 



If student has a CAS under the Law career and a CAS under the graduate career, there will be 2 separate audits since 2 different careers. 


 Worksheet Format Types:
The worksheet automatically defaults to the Student View.

However, there are different worksheet formats in the drop down that are available to view.
Student View
Graduation Checklist
Registration Checklist


The legend displays at the bottom of the Student View audit. It provides a simple description of the various symbols throughout the audit.

Complete: (green outlined circle with green checkmark)

This symbol will appear beside all requirements within the audit that have been completed.  When hovering over the symbol, the description of the symbol will appear "Requirement is complete."

Not Complete:            (red outlined circle)

This symbol will appear beside all requirements that have not been completed.  When hovering over the symbol, the description of the symbol will appear "Not complete."

Complete except for classes in-progress:   (blue outlined circle/circle is half blue)

This symbol will appear for requirements where you are currently registered for the class(es) needed to fulfill the requirement. When hovering over the symbol, the description of the symbol will appear "When the in-progress classes are completed this requirement should be complete." 

Nearly complete-GPA or credit req needs review-See advisor:     (tan circle with tan exclamation point)

This symbol will appear when all of the course requirements have been met but there are additional requirements such as gpa, minimum credits of a discipline or minimum credits of a block that have not been met. For example, if you have completed all of your course requirements but have not met the minimum gpa requirement of the block, this symbol will appear at the top of that block.  When hovering over the symbol, the description of the symbol will appear "When the in-progress classes are completed this requirement should be complete."  
 @ Designates any course number or any subject

The "@" symbol in Degree Works is considered a wildcard. The symbol means it represents all courses when used as course prefix or as a course number or both. When the @ symbol precedes a range of numbers (i.e. @ 100:499), any course prefix within that range of course numbers will fulfill the requirement. When a course prefix is followed by @ (i.e. BIO @), this means any course number with that prefix will fulfill the requirement. If a requirement is noted with @ @, this means any prefix and any course number will fulfill the requirement.

Grade Definitions or other symbols in audit (NOT in legend):

  •  TR - the grade associated with transfer credit awarded from another institution
  • OT - the grade awarded for test based transfer credit (i.e. AP exam)
  • IP - the grade for a course that is currently being taken
  • : (colon) Designates a range of courses; If a colon is showing between course numbers in a requirement (i.e. CHE 100:499) it designates a range. Any course within the numbers in the range will fulfill the requirement
  • ADV_APPR - Advisor Approved; A requirement that contains ADV_APPR Advisor Approved means that an advisor must approve the course to be used for that requirement and the advisor or school/college representative is responsible for manually entering the course into Degree Works through exceptions.
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