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Here you will find downloadable College of Engineering & Computer Science logos, templates, and letterhead. As materials and templates are created, the college will continue to add items to this portal. For Syracuse University materials, visit the Syracuse University brand guidelines website.

Business cards, printed letterhead, and envelopes can be ordered through your department's administrative assistant. 

If you have any questions or concerns related to the College of Engineering & Computer Science brand, please contact Alex Dunbar at

Powerpoint Templates

Light GreyDark GreyOrange
ECS Grey Powerpoint SlideECS Black Powerpoint SlideECS Orange Powerpoint Slide
16 x 916 x 916 x 9


Research Posters

Seminar Announcements

Letterhead ExampleResearch Poster ExampleSeminar Announcements

College Logos

***Please contact Matt Wheeler at for guidance before you use or share a logo file.***

ECS grey logoECS white and orange logoECS Black logoECS all white logo
For Print
 .eps (CMYK) .eps (CMYK).eps.eps
.eps (PMS).eps (PMS)  
For Screens
 .eps (RGB) .eps (RGB).png.png
.png (RGB).png (RGB).gif.gif
.gif (RGB).gif (RGB)  
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