After receiving your Registration Information via e-mail:

  • Check to make sure your personal information is correct
  • Resolve any holds
    • Advising Hold - See your faculty advisor
    • Financial Hold - Contact office indicated on your information form
    • Health Center Hold - Contact Health Center and submit required forms
    • Conduct Hold - Contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
    • Non-declared Plan Hold - See Student Records Office (130 Link Hall) to declare a major
    • OIS Hold - Contact the Office of International Services
  • Make a note of your registration access date and time
  1. Using MySlice and this handbook, plan your schedule and check for time conflicts in the courses you have selected. If you are taking elective courses, look for alternates to your first-choice classes.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with your faculty advisor to review your schedule. Do this at least three days before your assigned registration date and time. This will give you plenty of time to change your schedule if necessary.
  3. Complete the Undergraduate Advising Form, given to you by your faculty advisor. Sign it yourself and take it to your advisor for their signature.
  4. Return the white copy of the Undergraduate Advising Form to the Records office (130 Link Hall). The advising hold will be removed from your profile within 24 hours.
  5. Assemble all needed enrollment items (including your pin and any permission numbers) and register on the web at

Registration Terms and Definitions

Schedule Adjustment:

Schedule adjustment is the one-week time period at the beginning of the semester when students can change their class schedules.  The procedure for adjusting your schedule is the same as during registration.  You can adjust your schedule on the web.  It is critical that you communicate with your advisor (phone, e-mail, in person) if you change any courses that you are taking.

Add deadline:

The last day a student can add a class.  The deadline is approximately one week after the first day of classes.

Financial deadline:

Three weeks after the first day of classes, it is the last day a student can drop a class and receive a full refund of tuition charges.  No refunds will be given for classes dropped by students who remain registered for 12 to 19 credit hours.

Academic drop deadline:

The last day a student can drop a class.  Classes dropped prior to this deadline do not appear on the student’s transcript record.  The deadline is approximately seven weeks before the last day of classes.  The procedure for dropping a class after the schedule adjustment period is:

  1. Fill out the Add/Drop form,
  2. Obtain the required signatures (ECS requires signatures of the course Instructor, Advisor, and Department Chair),
  3. Obtain an approval stamp from the Records office (130 Link Hall), and
  4. Submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall.

Withdrawal deadline:

The last day a student can withdraw from a class.  For both the Fall and Spring semesters, the deadline is two weeks before the last day of classes.  The notation WD appears on the student’s transcript record, but the student's grade point average is not affected.  The procedure to withdraw from a course is:

  1. Complete the petition, including course prefix, number, section, and title,
  2. Obtain the required signatures, and
  3. Submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall.

Grading Options

Audit grading option:

Audited classes are not calculated toward the student's GPA, do not earn academic credit, and do not fulfill any degree requirements.  They do not count as credits carried for the determination of enrollment status (students are not charged for them).  Students can register for the course and then fill out the Grading Option Application, obtain the signature of the course instructor, and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office.  However, if registration for the course will bring the total number of credits to more than 19, students should submit the Grading Option Application to the Registrar’s Office and will be enrolled in the course subject to space availability.

Pass/fail grading option:

In some courses students may elect a pass/fail grading option instead of the letter grading option.  A course taken pass/fail cannot count towards a student's major or minor.  Students register for the course, complete the Grading Option Application, obtain the required signatures, and submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office.

For students in Engineering majors: only social science, humanities, and free elective courses at the 300 level or higher may be taken pass/fail. Elective courses that must be taken from a specified list may not be taken pass/fail. The total hours of pass/fail courses permitted cannot exceed 18 credit hours.

Incomplete grading option:

Students who cannot complete a course within the normal time limits because of exceptional circumstances (severe illness, death of parent/sibling, etc.) can request an incomplete grade.  The student and instructor complete the Request for Incomplete Grade Form, deciding the conditions and time limit for removing the incomplete.  An incomplete is calculated as an F in the GPA until it is removed.

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