Engineering and Computer Science
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ECS Public Computer Labs

Lab Room NumberOSCapacityAvailabilitySchedule
Link 011Windows30 seatsAvailabilityCalendar
Link 201
Windows24 seatsAvailabilityN/A*
Link 202
Windows32 seatsAvailabilityCalendar
Link 274
Windows34 seatsAvailabilityCalendar
CST 3-116
Windows42 seatsAvailabilityCalendar
CST 1-231
Mac44 seatsAvailabilityCalendar
CST 1-242BMac6 seatsAvailabilityN/A*

 * No scheduled events, reserved for student use.

ECS Classrooms

Room NumberSchedule
Link 152Calendar
Link 220Calendar
Link 246Calendar
Link 331Calendar
Link 373


Link 369Calendar
CST 3-212Calendar
CST 3-216Calendar
CST 4-201Calendar


The ECS computer labs are restricted to ECS students and SU students who are currently taking classes in ECS. If you are taking a class and cannot login, please contact the ECS CIT support group by email at


Do not save files on the C: drive - use your network home directory (H: drive).  Files put on C: are automatically erased after you logout or reboot the computer.

Windows lab computers run Windows Updates and are automatically reboot over the weekend.


ITS Public Computer Labs

The Information Technology Services group also has computer clusters for all SU students. For more information please visit the SU Information Technology Services printing web page.

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