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Research Computing

CIT will help with the planning, creation, and support of various levels of research computing available through Information Technology Services (ITS).  For faculty with small to moderate computationally intensive research tasks there is the Academic Virtual Host Environment (AVHE).  The AVHE provides virtual machines that can run Windows or Linux and can be comprised of 1-28 CPU's, up to 64GB of RAM, and terabytes of storage space. 

For those with more intensive research needs there is the newest in research computing, Orange Crush.  Orange Crush can be reserved for the duration of your research project and has available up to forty-one 20 core computers each with 128GB of RAM and SSD storage.

Lastly, for faculty needing the power of thousands of nodes, ITS offers Orange Grid.  Orange Grid currently can provide over 15,000 nodes with 40GB connectivity by utilizing the power of thousands of computers on SU's campus during downtime on a newly upgraded backbone.  For more information on research computing you can read here:

Web Services

CIT can host exisiting HTML or PHP based faculty/research/organization websites.  In general, we recommend using the ITS hosted  Wordpress/Expressions content management system for website development because of ease of use.  Please contact for any web related support.

Information Security


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