Facility Manager Role and Responsibilities

The Facility Manager reports to the Director of Space Management and Strategic Initiatives and serves a critical role in the day-to-day operations of all ECS managed facilities. It is the responsibility of this position to support both the safe and efficient operation of ECS facilities in collaboration with Facilities Services. Primary responsibilities include access control, Facilities Services, and custodial coordination, building systems repairs and maintenance, moving, relocation services, waste management, need assessment survey, furniture, asset management, project coordination, communication, and small construction project management.

Facility Budget Approach and Allocation

The purpose of the facility budget is to support the facility operations of the College including building maintenance, repair, and minor modification needs as defined by the facility management staff. The budget is allocated into three primary categories: General Maintenance (70% +/-), Research Support (20% +/-), and Functional Improvements (10% +/-). At the beginning of each fiscal year, the approved annual budget is allocated according to these categories and managed based on the priorities defined during the previous fiscal year. 

Facility Need Assessment

Prior to the start of the fiscal year, the facility management team, in collaboration with CPDC and Facilities Services creates, updates, and prioritizes building maintenance needs to be completed over the next year, including furniture. The need assessment is for maintenance items only and does not include functional improvement or renewal capital projects. 

Space Survey

In collaboration with CPDC, the College conducts an annual space survey to accurately document the location, quantity, type, use, and occupancy of all ECS managed spaces. This survey is used to inform the College’s RCM responsibility as well as to track space utilization and efficiency. Information from this survey is also used to assist in future space planning. Refer to ECS Space Guidelines for more information.

Shop, Facility, and Space Requests

All facility and fabrication requests are managed through Orange Tracker. 

For any shops fabrication or support request, send an email to ecsshop@syr.edu

Facility requests that are related to maintenance, building access, cleaning, waste removal, materials distribution, repairs, or furniture, submit a request to ecsfacil@syr.edu

For any request that involves the reallocation of space, additional space, AV, renovation, or modification of any kind, submit to ecsspace@syr.edu

Large Scientific Equipment Delivery and Installation Process

This document is intended to provide logistical guidance on the process of receiving and installing major scientific equipment. Major equipment is defined as any equipment of a dimension, weight, or sensitivity that cannot be safely handled by an individual without specialty materials handling equipment.  

  • If the manufacturer or distributor offers, or requires, direct delivery to the laboratory including loading, unloading, rigging, transport, uncrating, installation, and calibration, this is the preferred method to install new equipment and should be procured as part of the purchase order (PO). Logistics are to be coordinated with the Facility Manager.

  • If vendor installation and/or calibration are required but delivery to the laboratory is not provided, then follow the process below. If installation and/or calibration is to be completed by internal resources; research team, lab managers, or Facilities Services, also follow the delivery process below.
    • Confirm with the ECS Facility Manager that the equipment package dimensions, and weight, can be accommodated within the building’s freight elevator and the space that it is intended to be located has the adequate infrastructure to support the equipment. 

    • If Facilities Services or contractor support is required for installation, it may require a facility request to be submitted to Campus Planning, Design and Construction. Submit a request to ecsspace@syr.edu

    • Provide the following delivery address on the PO:

      Hawkins Warehouse 
      1600 Jamesville Ave
      Syracuse NY 13244

    • Provide the ECS Facility Manager and Materials Distribution with a copy of the PO, delivery manifest (dimensions and weight), and estimated date of delivery. 

    • If necessary, solicit a proposal from a qualified rigging company to pick up the equipment from the warehouse, deliver to the building and lab, and uncrate. Issue PO. Coordinate timing with vendor if required. Preferred rigging contractor:

      Tom Rogers
      ROGERS Industrial & Crane Specialists
      34-36 Tompkins Street
      Binghamton, NY  13903
      Office: 607-722-4949 x 221
      Fax: 607-651-9799

    • Distributor delivers to Hawkins Warehouse and is received and stored by Materials Distribution. 

    • Rigging contractor picks up from Hawkins Warehouse, delivers to lab and uncrates. 

    • Installation and calibration completed in lab.
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