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**  New Remote Access Resource available!  **

During this time Link Hall Lab PCs may be accessed remotely, instructions here: ECS Remote Labs

Instructions for access through a Windows or Macintosh

Important Information

Log OutThe remote access server is automatically rebooted and has Windows Updates installed the third Tuesday of each month between 4-6am. If you are logged in and have unsaved work you will lose your work. Make sure to save your work, and log off instead of just closing the window each time you use the remote access server.

Proper Use This program has been made available to you as a “backup plan” of sorts. Please respect that idea. The reasoning behind this is that all the programs are available on the computers in Link Hall, but often times the labs are full or someone can’t make it to campus. There are only 30 seats available through this remote access, and they are intended out of necessity rather than convenience.  Also note that some software is available for students to install on their own personal computers at little or no charge.  A list with the links to obtain these apps are under the Software Section.

Feedback – This program will continue to be developed in the ways necessary to fit needs. Feedback on anything with regards to remote access is not only welcomed, it is encouraged. Please feel free to contact with any questions, comments or concerns.

Exposure – To get the most out of this program, tell your peers! The goal is to have this available to all Engineering and Computer Science students. With the resources now available, we hope to have all of the Engineering & Computer Science school utilizing this service when necessary.


1) Windows Instructions from On Campus

2) Windows Instructions from Off Campus

3) Mac Instructions




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