Client Contact Analysis:

Describe at least one interaction with a client from the past week. Be specific in your description - discuss the purpose of this interaction, what was said by both you and the client, and the outcome of the interaction.  Then answer the following questions based on this interaction:

Social Work Skills:

  1. Identify all of the social work skills that were used by you during this interaction.  Name the skills and then discuss how you used these skills.  Be specific in your description.

  2. What does the social work literature say regarding these skills?

  3. Based on what the literature says, did you use these skills appropriately? What could you have done differently? How could you improve in your next interaction?

Social Work Knowledge:

  1. What knowledge was required of you as a social worker to assist in this interview? This knowledge could be regarding a theoretical perspective, an intervention, or the specific client population or issue you were addressing.

  2. What does the social work literature say regarding this knowledge?

  3. How did the use of this knowledge help you in your interaction with the client? How can this knowledge help enhance your future interactions with the client?

Social Work Values:

  1. Identify a social work value that was involved in this interaction.

  2. What does the social work literature say regarding this value?

  3. How does this value relate to the interaction and why is this value important for effective social work practice with the client?

  4. Discuss any value conflicts that arose for you as a result of this client interaction.

From Dettlaff, A.J.& Wallace, G. (in press). Promoting integration of theory and practice in field education: An instructional tool for field instructors and field educators.  The Clinical Supervisor

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