As an intern in the community, it is important for you to be familiar with the University and your internship site's sexual harassment policies and procedures.  The School of Social Work Office of Field instruction follows Syracuse University's Sexual Harassment, Abuse and Assault Prevention Policy

This policy covers the following topics:  scope and jurisdiction of the policy, prohibited conduct, consensual sexual or romantic relationships, minors, non-discrimination statement & compliance with laws, Title IX coordinator, resource & reporting options, confidential resources, faculty and staff reporting responsibilities, amnesty for reporting students, students' bill of rights, privacy & confidentiality, and sanctions.

Below is relevant policy information in relation to being an intern through this University:

  1. The agency setting is considered an extension of the University.  If you experience any sexual harassment, abuse or assault within the agency setting, you are protected under the above University policy.
  2.  The field site you are placed in will also have sexual harassment and workplace violence policies and procedures.  You are also protected under these policies.  The agency is required to orient you to these policies and procedures.
  3. Faculty and field staff are required to share any incidents of sexual harassment, abuse or assault with the Syracuse University Equal Opportunity, Inclusion & Resolution Services (EOIRS).  This includes any incidents that may occur within internship sites.

  4. If an incident is reported or shared with EOIRS, the field staff, in most cases, will work in partnership with the Syracuse University (EOIRS) to provide students and agencies with guidance and support. 


For additional information about sexual misconduct including protective measures, information for victims, complaint process, frequently asked questions, resources and related laws and policies, you can go to Syracuse University's Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services website.

If you need immediate support, there are resources on campus and in the community.  Information is available at Syracuse University's Sexual Misconduct On-Campus Resources website.






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