(Training materials from Florida State University)

Use of these items will vary according to the agency setting, the supervisor, the student’s level of expertise, and the student’s learning goals.  Possibilities are not limited to this list; your creativity is welcomed.

 Knowledge Building Tools:

  •  Basic literature about agency and its functions: manuals, annual reports, job descriptions, protocols, brochures, etc.

  • Agency rules and regulations: personal regulations, dress codes, intern requirements, etc.

  • Packet of agency forms with instructions.

  • Information gathering interviews with various agency personnel.

  • Observations of agency operations: staff meetings, unit meetings, board meetings, direct service routines, etc.

  • Reading or audio-visuals on agency focal areas (substance abuse, child welfare, delinquency, mental illness, etc.)

  • I & R Books

  • Maps, tours, introductions, etc.

  • Visits to primary other resources/network agencies – or literature

  • Readings of case records

  • Observations of client services (observe supervisor or others in interviews, group sessions, conferences, and/or any activity student will be expected to perform)

  • Field Trips

  • Exposure to interagency conferences, meetings, etc.

  • Participation in agency and/or community training opportunities

  • Learning Contract

  • Student Internship Manual 

 Skill Building Tools:

  •  Learning Contract

  • Daily Logs (record of impressions and reactions to share with field instructor for discussion)

  • Written Assignments:

    1. On specific social work concepts, principals or values (confidentiality, starting where client is, respect for individual or any variety of topics that might apply to the agency setting)

    2. On role data, i.e. – the role of the social worker in the agency

    3. Identify and label interview techniques used in specific sessions and analyze their use

    4. List of things they did best that week

    5. List of things they felt uncertain about

    6. List of things they learned that week

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