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If you are unable to work at your normal SU work location due to emergency circumstances (example sickness or caregiving), and need expedited Level 3 access to the University’s systems and/or data in order to work from home or other site, follow the steps below:-

  1. Employees must complete Step 1 of the Secure Data Access Authorization Process.
  2. Once approved, the DSP initiates Step 3 with note of it being an expedited request in OT.
  3. Information Coordinator enters a FAST request using the Prod Remote Access Form. The description field should be filled as "Expedited Request".
  4. A FAST Remote Access confirmation is sent to the employee. The approval e-mail will contain instructions for using remote access.
  5. The employee is mandated to register for Secure Data Access Training within 30 days of submitting the request.
  6. SU’s Information Security group will follow up via email to the employee. Employees who fail to register for training within thirty (30) days of submitting an approved request will lose Level 3 access.

Free phone support for remote access-related problems is available during normal University business hours for employees using the supported remote access hardware and software. Call (315) 443-2677.

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