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A firewall is an access control device that inspects network traffic passing through it and denies or permits passage based on a set of security rules. A firewall policy is a collection of security rules designed to prevent unauthorized electronic access to private and sensitive data and resources stored on networked computer systems.

Information Technology and Services (ITS) implements firewall service that enables network security protection for Syracuse University computer users and resources.

Why Use a Firewall?

Network connected devices on internet are being probed daily for vulnerabilities. By securing your local area network (LAN) behind a firewall, you make it harder for would-be attackers to invade your network. Firewall provides you with cost-effective, practical, real-world protection and prevention for your LAN, securing the network from external attacks and internal abuses.

Firewalls filter incoming traffic, and according to a set of rules, hide  workstations from would-be attackers, and prevent internal users from network misuse.

Firewall configurations can be as simple as a layer of protection for workstations on a LAN or as advanced as a barrier that safeguards both workstations and production servers. Only you can determine the appropriate level of protection needed.

Be aware that Firewall need to be designed and maintained properly to achieve their goals to protect a Network.

How can we help?

IT Security team provides consultation on Firewall Services required for University Network. Please contact us at

Changes with the University firewalls will be handled by ITS Information Security.  To request a change please refer to Firewall Change Requests Page

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