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Please review S0106 - Secure Data Access Standard for your data access requirements. Most access requirements can be accomplished with Basic or Level 2 Data Access. Employees seeking access to university  confidential and/or enterprise data from off-campus and/or unmanaged system (Level 3 access) need to obtain approval from their department authorizer and attend a Secure Data Access Training session. 

  • Employees consults the department system personnel (DSP) on best way to access the information required for work.
  • If a Level 3 access is required, employee completes all section of Secure Data Access Approval form and submits to designated department authorizer. The information will be used to determine the security toolset that will meet the employee's needs.
  • Once approved the employee should contact their department system personnel (DSP) to conducted the training as per their schedule.
  • When the secure data access training is completed, the employee submits the approved Secure Data Access Approval form to the department Information Coordinator (your department system administrator(DSP) should be able to help you identify them).
  • The Information Coordinator enters a FAST request using the Prod Remote Access Form.
  • A FAST Remote Access confirmation is sent to the employee. The approval e-mail will contain instructions on how to obtain the remote access toolset.

Free phone support for remote access-related problems is available during normal University business hours for employees using the supported secure data access hardware and software. Call 315-443-2677.

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