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The following error messages are sometimes encountered when people use the University's VPN configuration tool.

Error: WIL Extender Error 619/Service has not been started
Resolution: Start the service by opening the Services Control Panel using the steps below

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Click on Administrative Tools

3. Click on Services

4. Locate IPSec Services

5. Right click

6. Select Start

If the service starts, and continues to run, re-run the VPN configuration tool. If the service does not start follow the steps below.

Error: You followed the above steps but the service still does not function properly and you receive an Error 1747.
Resolution: Install the Client for Microsoft Networks

1.Open Network Connections Properties

  a.Open the Control Panel

  b. Click on Network Connections

  c. Right click on Local Area Connection

  d. Select Properties

2. In Local Area Connection Properties

  a.Select Install

  b.Highlight Client

  c. Click Add

  d. Select Client for Microsoft Network

  e. Click OK

  f. Click Close

  g. Restart Computer

3. After the computer has restarted do the following:

  a. Open the Control Panel

  b. Click on Administrative Tools

  c. Click on Services

  d. Locate IPSec Services

  e. Verify the service has started

4. Open the Syracuse University VPN configuration tool

5. Enter NetID and password

6. Connect

VPN Connection Errors and Resolutions

Error: You try to connect and receive an Error 786 in the connection status window. This error commonly results from a firewall or Internet Security Suite that is installed on the computer. 

Resolution One: The following software packages require a rule modification to allow VPN traffic.

  • McAfee Personal Firewall/McAfee Internet Security 2007
  • Computer Associates EZ Armor Firewall/Computer Associates Internet Security Suite 2007
  • ZoneAlarm Firewall/ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
  • Norton Internet Security Suite (versions prior to on Windows XP)
Resolution Two: If no third-party firewall software is installed on the computer, check to see if the software is installed on routers to which you may be connecting your computer. Update the router software to the latest firmware available. Be sure that the router firewall is configured to allow IPSec pass through. 

Resolution Three: If the above conditions do not exist, you may need to reset your IP. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Click Start/Run

2. Type in: netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

3. Click Run

4. Restart the computer

5. Verify VPN connectivity after restart

Error Message 768: "The connection attempt failed because of failure to encrypt data. For customized troubleshooting information for this connection click Help." 
Resolution: Start the IPSec Services by using the following steps to Open the Services Control Panel:

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Click on Administrative Tools

3. Click on Services

4. Locate IPSec Services

5. Verify service has started, if not,

6. Right click IPSec Services

7. Select Start

8. Verify service startup type is Automatic

Error Message 769: "The specified destination is not reachable. For customized troubleshooting information for this connection, click Help." 
Resolution: This error is caused by the computer not having an active network connection. Connect the computer to a wired or wireless network and re-launch VPN.

Error Message 691: "Access was denied because the username and /or password was invalid on the domain." 

 1. If you have moved to Active Directory (AD), reset your password through the NetID Web page.

2. If you do not know whether you have an AD account, contact your school, college or departmental computing support person, or call the ITS help desk at 443-2677 during normal University business hours.

Issues involving software that is incompatible with the University's VPN service

Norton Internet Security 2007 (Windows Vista only): The University's VPN service does not function on computers that use a Windows Vista operating system AND Norton Internet Security 2007.


1. Uninstall Norton Internet Security 2007 (do not do this until you have completed step three).

2. Enable Windows Firewall

3. Install a Recommended Antivirus Software Package.


Faculty and staff:
Contact your school, college, or departmental computing support person.

E-mail ITS at
Visit: ITS CST Service Center
Call: 443-2677

IT Support Staff

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