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What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerabilty Scanning is an assement of computer systems and networks for security flaws that could make it vulnerable against an attack from the internet. The process involves an analysis of the open ports on a system for potential vulnerabilities and ranks them by their criticality. Such vulnerabilities might include outdated software, insecure application coding, or system misconfigurations. Vulnerability scanning helps identify security weaknesses and how to remediate them.  It is a subset of penetration testing.

What does Vulnerability Scanning at SU involve?

Syracuse University's ITS-InfoSec team conducts vulnerability scans of all campus systems.  We typically perform two types of scans:

  • Overall Campus Scans - More information on these can be found on the Campus Vulnerability Scan Workflow.
  • Targeted Vulnerabilty Scans - These are conducted on an as needed basis.

InfoSec team will provide system administrators with the scan reports of their systems so the admins know their security posture and can begin the remediation tasks required to fix the vulnerabilities.

If a campus unit would like any additional scans done of their systems or need more information, please contact us at

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