Desktop Client

  1. Open Outlook and switch to your Calendar.
  2. from the Ribbon, choose Open Calendar then Open Shared Calendar...


In the Search field, type the name of the calendar and press enter.

ex: IST Staff Out Calendar


You will now see your additional calendars listed in the left side bar.

To view a specific calendar, put a check mark in the box next to it.

To create/edit/delete a booked event (you must have read & write access), double click on the day to open the Untitled - Event window. Be sure to Save & Close any changes that are made.

Web Client (OWA/SUMail)

  1. Open SUMail from your browser.
  2. Switch to the Calendar view
  3. Select "Add Calendar" from the left side panel.

  1. Select "Add from directory" 
  2. Select your account
  3. Then begin typing the calendar name you are looking for in the "Enter a name or email address" field.  For example type "Hinds Hall" to bring up a list of room calendars.

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