iSchool Documents is the primary method of sharing documents within the iSchool. However, there are a number of different solutions available for file sharing within the iSchool. Below you will find some of the most commonly used, and recommended solutions for collaborative file sharing.

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Sharing Files and Folders with all iSchool Faculty or Staff

The iSchool's Technology Services team maintains two groups which can be helpful when sharing content from OneDrive or Teams. The group names are 'SU-IST-Users-Faculty-ALL' and 'SU-IST-Users-Staff'.

Additional information on how to share a folder or file with all faculty, adjuncts included, and /or all iSchool staff.

Direct File Sharing

This option is best for occasions when you have shared content that will be short lived,  needs to be shared with a group or individuals that do not routinely collaborate, or for collaboration before a document is to be copied and placed in a more public/permanent shared directory.

Additional information on how to use direct file sharing on OneDrive.

OneDrive Folder Sharing

This option is best for small groups that regularly share content together and would prefer their files be accessible on their local machines via OneDrive's file sync.

Additional information on how to create OneDrive shared folders.

If you have files or folder you would like anyone at Syracuse University to be able to view, you can create an organizational share link.

iSchool Teams Channels

Teams Channels are best leveraged for departments, standing committees, or as a replacement for a listserv. Channels allow for messaging, file sharing and integrating some additional applications and features into a channel. Private Channels are a limited resource within the iSchool Team, most requests for a channel will be directed to the iSchool Documents folder sharing unless there is an explicit need for a messaging platform for the group to leverage.

iSchool Teams Channels have to be created by the iSchool Technology Services team. Please submit a ticket to request a Teams Channel by emailing and include the individuals who would need access to this space within the email.

Additional information on how to use Microsoft Teams.

Linking to Documents on an Answers Page (Organizational Share Links)

If you have documents you would like presented with additional context, we can essentially create public or private webpages on with links to files leveraging organizational share links.

Many individuals within the iSchool have the ability to create Answers pages already, but we recommend reaching out to Technology Services to discuss permission, formatting and to generally get acquainted with the platform --please get the process started by submitting a request by emailing

Additionally, you can embed an Office 365 document onto an Answers page.

iSchool Course Materials

Within this folder instructors can save course materials to distribute to students via sharing links or copying and uploading the content into Blackboard. Professors of Record have ownership of their courses and will find a Syllabus folder with a Syllabus file already populated into the folder.

Additional information on the iSchool Course Materials.

Sharing Files and Folders with your Class

If you desire to quickly share content with your entire class without the need to invite each individual user, or manage access for the students that add/drop your course, that can be accomplished by leveraging the class enrollment groups created and managed by ITS.

Additional information on Sharing Files and Folders with your Class.

Get Alerts for Changes to your Files or Folders

Additional information on the page: Get alerts on item changes in iSchool Documents

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