This step will generate a certificate for your device,  allowing you to bypass Microsoft two-factor authentication for most university websites/services

In order to complete this setup guide, you will need access to your phone or other device to complete a MS two-factor login

1) Launch the "Self-Service" application (the block "S" icon in the dock)

2) Sign in using your SU NetID and password

3) Click "Register" under "Register Computer with Azure"

4) On the Microsoft sign-in page, provide your SU e-mail address and click "Next".

5) Provide your password and complete the 2FA prompt. If successful, you'll see the following screen. However, after clicking "Done" you'll again be prompted for your password a couple more times.

6) Provide your password on the Microsoft prompt once more, followed by another prompt from the MacOS keychain, where you should also use your SU NetID password. Be sure to click "Always Allow" on the second prompt.

7) If successful, the Self-Service app will show "Done!"

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