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Step 1: 

Open file history. You can directly typebackup settings” in the search box and choose file history settings. After that, you will enter a backup window and click Add Drive under Back up.

Step 2: 

Click More options. You can set up the interval of file backup and how long to keep backed up files, add a specific folder, exclude a specific folder or switch file history to a different drive.

Note: About how long you can keep your backed up files, there are three types of choices you need to know.

1. Forever. It means File History will keep making and saving backups until your drive is full. At that point, you'd have to either use a different drive or manually start a cleanup from the Control Panel (under System and Security > File History > Advanced Settings) to make space.

2. Until space is needed. It means File History will automatically remove the oldest versions of the files it backs up when space gets low on your backup drive.

3. Other timeframes like 1 month or 2 years. It means File History will delete the oldest versions when files reach that time setting.

Step 3: 

Click Back up now and start your first file backup.

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