Please follow these guides for operating your office Cisco desk phone. Similar reference you can find at your luminated desk phone guide. 

Place a Call

You can make a phone call by lifting the headset and dialing the numbers on keypad. Also, you can dial the number on keypad and press speaker if you would like to talk over speakerphone. (Speaker icon is on bottom right of the keypad).

  • For Internal Calls dial user's 5 digit extension to call to an internal phone 
  • For External Calls dial 8+ (315)-XXX-XXXX
    • No need to add long distance, it's already included.
  • For Emergency Calls dial 911 or 711 for DPS
  • For International Calls dial 8011 + country code + phone number

Receive a Call

When receiving a call your phone display will show the incoming call information. If the call is within University, it will only show the 5 digit extension and callers name (if their information is in Corporate Directory). 

You can answer a phone call by pressing Answer using softkey below phone display, or by picking up the headset.

You can press Ignore by using softkey below phone display, to ignore the caller. This will silence the phone, but the call will still ring five times on the callers side. You can always pick up ignored call before call is ended. 

Transfer a Call

If you would like to transfer the phone call please follow steps below. Please note that you can always go back to caller if you accidently hang up on them or transfer wasn't successful. If you transfer them successfully they will disappear from your phone display

  1. While on a call, push the 'Transfer' softkey, or Transfer button (Transfer button is on right side of keypad).
  2. Dial the 5 digit extension.
  3. Select 'Transfer' Again.

If you want to transfer directly to someone's voicemail 

  1. While on a call, push the 'Transfer' softkey.
  2. Hit # and then dial the 5 digit extension.
  3. Select 'Transfer' Again.

Corporate Directory

You can search campus corporate directory to find any faculty or staff's extension number by following the steps below. Please note that Corporate Directory pulls extensions from MySlice, so some members might not be in there.

  1. Press 'Contacts' button (book icon on the left side of keypad). 
  2. Select 'Corporate Directory'.
  3. Type either First Name, Last Name or Number.
  4. Enter the search criteria, press 'Search', and select a contact.
  5. Press 'Dial' to place a call to the contact.


Your phone will notify you that you have voicemail by red light on your headset.

Accessing your Voicemail

You can access your voicemails in a few different ways. Please note that all systems are synced, and if you read or delete from one, it will affect the message across other options as well. 

  • Voicemail to EmailBy default all voicemail will be sent to your email.  Please note that if you delete message from your email, that will delete your voicemail in the system as well.

If you do not have email access you can perform the following actions:

  1. For Accessing Voicemail from your Desk Phone use one of the options below:
    1. To Direct Dial Voicemail press # and dial your 5 digit extension. OR
    2. Press Message Button (Message button is on the left side of keyboard).
  2. Type your PIN. 
    1. If this is the first time using PIN, use default 51225 pin. 
  3. Listen for following prompts. 

Voicemail Shortcuts 

Main Menu:

  • 1 - Hear new Messages
  • 3 1 -  Review Saved Messages
  • 3 2 -  Review Deleted Messages
  • 4 1 -  Change Greetings
  • 4 1 2 - Switch to Alternate Greeting

Listening to Voicemail:

  • # -  Next Message
  • 1 -  Restart a message
  • 2 -  Save
  • 3 - Delete
  • 8 - Pause

Personalizing Your Voicemail

Initial Setup

  1. Press the 'Messages' button.
  2. Enter the default PIN (51225) then #
  3. Follow the prompts to record your name, greeting and a personal PIN.  *If needed your System Administrator can reset your PIN.

For more information please take a look at Quick Reference Guide - Cisco IP Phone

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