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'Cached' mode will allow your Outlook client to download a local copy of your e-mail messages from a specified time frame. This will improve the performance of Outlook in remote work scenarios by reducing the required amount of interaction with mail servers over your internet connection.

  1. In Outlook, go to the 'File' menu in the upper-right, and select 'Account Settings'.

  2. Select your primary mailbox ( and then click 'Change'.

  3. Under 'Offline Settings', check the box next to "Use Cached Exchange Mode..." and set the slider to "1 year".

  4. Click 'Next' and restart Outlook when prompted.

NOTE: if you have any proxy mailboxes added, follow the same process for those accounts by choosing the mailbox in step #2. It's recommended to set the date range to '3 months' for proxy accounts.

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