1. When hosting a Microsoft Teams Meeting (refer to the “How to Host a Microsoft Teams Meeting” page if unsure) if video and audio are both required you must set up camera first.

  2. On the Extron panel, select the camera control button located at the bottom of the screen.

  3. From here make sure the camera you want to use is powered on. (if the power button is highlighted black,  it is working. For example the picture below, neither camera has been powered on yet.) 

  4.  If you need to configure audio as well, go to the Audio Control tab on the panel. Is should look like this

Picture of Audio control tab on Katzer Extron

     5.  Once the camera and audio have been configured, go back into teams and under calendar → meet now, you should see the preview of the camera you just turned on

     6. Adjust the camera positioning using the arrows back in the camera control tab on the Extron panel to fit all the members of the meeting on screen

      7. Start the meeting once camera and audio settings are configured as desired

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