1) Open the "Settings" app, go to "Wi-Fi" and tap on the "AirOrangeHelp" network.

2) Wait until it connects, you'll see a blue check mark next to "AirOrangeHelp".

3) Open the Safari web browser and go to the URL "aoh.syr.edu" which is short for "airorangehelp.syr.edu".

4) On the AirOrangeHelp setup page, make sure you agree to the terms & conditions, and tap "Start".

5) Tap on "Profile for iPad".

6) Tap "Allow" to download the profile.

7) Tap "Close" on the download confirmation.

8) Go back to the home screen, and then back into the "Settings" app.

9) Tap on "Profile Downloaded"

10) Tap on "Install"

11) Tap on "Install" when prompted again to confirm.

12) When prompted for a username, provide your Syracuse NetID.

13) Same for the password; use your NetID password.

14) Tap "Done" when the profile finishes installing.

15) Return to the "Settings" app, if you see a blue check mark next to "AirOrangeX", you're all set.

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