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This document explains how to connect to the DBLAB.ISCHOOL.SYR.EDU server using Microsoft SQL Management Studio 18 (SSMS) from an off-domain computer (from a personal computer or other non-SU-owned equipment). What you'll be doing is creating a batch file that will serve as a "Run As" shortcut for SSMS so that you can run the application and "impersonate" your SU domain user. Keep the ".bat" file handy and you can run the application using this file every time.


IMPORTANT: If you are off-campus you need to connect to the VPN before attempting to connect to SSMS. Instructions can be found here: Configure VPN on Windows (SURA)

  1.  Create a new text file on your desktop. It should open in your default text editor, usually Notepad.

2.  Copy and paste the following text exactly as it appears into the new file, replacing the bold text "NETID" with your own SU NetID.

(The file path is dependent on the version of your SSMS installation – you'll need to edit it accordingly)

@echo off

runas /netonly /user:ad\NETID "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18\Common7\IDE\Ssms.exe"

3.  Within your text editor app, choose File -> Save As. For the location, choose your Desktop or somewhere else that you'll remember.

4.  Under the "Save as type" drop-down, choose "All Files (*.*)"

5.  For the file name, choose a name and give the file a ".bat" extension. Save the file.

6.  Run (double-click) the .bat file that you created and provide your NetID password when prompted.

No characters will appear when typing your password. Just type your password followed by the Enter key.

7.  Enter the following information into the Connect to Server dialog.
Server Type:  Database Engine
Authentication: Windows Authentication
Click Connect (The Password field will be blank)

The username box will show your local computer user account. This is OK, the app is still running with your SU NetID account.

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