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At the start of Fall 2019,  the iSchool will introduce a new platform for students to access the Virtual Environment. Instead of the previous Desktop application (VMware), students will now connect directly through the web utilizing HTML5. 

Connecting to ( will follow similar procedures to the previous VMware client.  

Logging into vLab

  1. Open the default browser and type in the address bar and hit enter.

  2. Once the page is loaded, click Launch vSphere Client (HTML5) to open the login screen.

  3. Type in your netID and SU password to establish the connection. Click Login.

    (NOTE: If you are connecting via your laptop or an off-campus computer, you do not need to click the box Use Windows Session Authentication)
    (This option is used for students who are logged into a Windows Desktop via their Student Account [ie. remote lab, on-campus computer])

    User name: (your netID)

    Password: (your password) 

(Screenshot Below) The landing page IS NOT where you access your VM. See steps 4+5 to change view.

4. On the home screen, look to the left for a column/dashboard. Upon first login the Hosts tab is selected (Far Left).

VLAB Home Page

5. Navigate your cursor to the top left and select the second tab (Post-it Note). This will open the Virtual Machines dashboard.

6. On this screen, you will see the VMs which are assigned to your netID. 

(NOTE: If the column appears blank, click the drop-down arrow found left of "" in the dashboard)

Now that you have successfully logged in. Follow the steps at Navigating the HTML5 vSphere Client for more information like powering/opening your Virtual Machine.

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